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{March 1, 2012}   03.01.2012 – New Month, New Goals

It is a new month, and I may actually try to keep up with this blog on more than a once a week basis.  This month I am focusing a lot on working towards all the new goals I have set for myself.  I am also trying to not get too ahead of myself with these goals.  I have decided to tackle my ultimate goals with ten pounds at a time.  When it comes to measurements I have no idea how to tackle those, so I will just go with the flow on that.  But we will get to fitness in a minute.  First up: my goals for this blog.

I need to start updating on a regular basis, if just for myself.  I need to keep up with my writing so that I will be able to use it in the future.  If I want to work for a magazine or a newspaper, I need to have something to show them to prove my writing does not suck.  So, I will be updating this blog a minimum of three times a week.

Mondays: Recap of the previous week’s goals, and a set-up of the upcoming week in terms of goals and activities.  This is the only post I have been consistent in for the past month or so.

Wednesdays: Something to talk about.  On one of these days I will review a recipe or a new workout that I have tried.  I am really bad at keeping up with this, but I do have a collection of things that I would like to try.

Fridays or Saturdays: A recap of how my fitness goals are coming along, and an opinion on how certain strategies may be helping or hindering me in my progress.  Since I will be reviewing these goals today, this be skipped this week.


So…fitness goals.  Talking about fitness right now makes me sad because, while I am making progress, I have seen healthier days.  But part of this blog is its ability to keep my accountable, and I need that right now.  I would like to make progress in strength training, something I have ignored in the past.  I have since accepted its benefits, and I am trying to make it a part of my every day life.  I also am finding benefit in working out in the morning.  I am still deciding if working out before breakfast works for me.  I will be trying that throughout the rest of this week and next week to see how it feels.  With this, I am focusing on shorter workouts, like my Yoga Abs DVD and the beginning strength workout on Bob Harper’s Pure Strength DVD.

As of today, I have a BMI of 29 and a Body Fat percentage of about 30%.  While this is the average for most Americans, I would rather not be average in a country where McDonald’s is a staple food group.  I would like to see my BMI down to around 21-22 and a Body Fat Percentage somewhere between 20-24%.  When looking at this goal on a larger scale, it can seem overwhelming and almost unattainable for most people.  However, I plan to look at it in smaller, spaced out goals.

For me, it is healthy to makes the goals of losing about ten pounds a month.  I have succeeded in this goal throughout the month of February, and I was hardly trying for the first couple of weeks of the month.  When I buckle down, I see results.  I also know that it is easier to lose weight in the beginning of the program, when you have the extra weight to lose.  I am hoping that as my strength and commitment grow, losing weight will remain relatively easy, meaning I will not go through each day wanting to rob a grocery store just to get some sustenance.

That is quite enough words for today.  I need to save some of my talking for later.  Look forward to my recap and set-up next Monday.

Later Days,




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