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{February 27, 2012}   02.27.2012 – Monday Mock-Up

Recaps and set-ups are going to be moved to Monday.  I am excited to announce that the push-up and squat challenges start next week.  Okay, I am not really excited, but I guess it will go well.  I am more excited that I got through the Fab Ab Challenge for February.  For Wednesday, I may finally get around to posting my fitness plans for the month of March.  I even have measurements (ew).

Here is the recap of the past week:

Monday: Strength DVD

Tuesday: 4.5 Miles in 65 minutes

Wednesday: 20 minute Kettlebell workout, Walking

Thursday: Yoga Abs DVD, 2 Miles in 29 minutes

Friday: Yoga Warrior DVD

Saturday: Biking to and from Lake Blue, workout circuit

Sunday: 2 Mile walk

I have decided to put off the Kettlebell workouts for a bit.  I plan them, and I never actually complete them.  Wednesday’s workout consisted of me focusing on a few of my favorite moves I remembered from the DVD, but nothing too difficult. This week should be pretty easy to follow.  I already finished Monday’s workout this morning.

Monday: Strength DVD

Tuesday: 2 Mile run, Power Yoga

Wednesday: 20 minute Strength DVD, Yoga Abs

Thursday: 4.5 Mile run

Friday: Yoga Warrior DVD

Saturday: Strength DVD

Sunday: 2 Mile walk

I am really enjoying the two-mile walk that I do on Sunday.  It gets me moving, but it is pretty much a rest day.  Since February will be finishing up this week, and I do not want to start my new challenges in the middle of the week, I will be doing short workouts in the morning (Thursday – Yoga Abs; Friday – 20 Minute Strength; Saturday – Yoga Abs; Sunday – Rest).

Tomorrow I will be reviewing another lovely Vegetarian Lean Cuisine dish.  I am looking forward to it.  I hope you are too.

Also, I am a licensed driver now.  More on that another time.

Later Days,



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