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{February 23, 2012}   02.23.2012 – Slow It Down

Does eating slower actually help you eat less food?  Does it help you become fuller at a quicker rate?

I have been trying to focus on appreciating my food for the last week, and I am trying to note the differences when compared to the animalistic way I usually eat.  I have learned that eating in front of the computer causes me to eat more quickly, as just proved to me while I was catching up on last night’s episode of Whitney.

When I do take time to eat, I enjoy it more.  I can focus on the full meal rather than how quickly I can eat and get out the door.  I have tried to start eating breakfast while I read my devotionals in the morning, taking a break every now and then to focus more on the reading.  Lunch is usually the most difficult meals because I am not with anyone, and I am not really doing anything else.  Dinner is simple because I am usually catching up on shows or eating with the family.

When it comes to whether or not eating more slowly actually helps, I think that is varies person to person.  For me, slowing down my eating has helped a lot with paying attention to my food and appreciating it.  But, I do not really see it making me feel fuller longer.   That revolves more around what I am eating.  I have been filling up on veggies often throughout the past weeks, and that makes me feel great.  I feel healthier, and I get to eat more food, in regard to volume.

This weekend I am looking forward to a workout circuit around a lake, which I will be sure to write about.  Also, I am getting my driver’s license (finally!) next Monday.  I am sure there will be an update about that adventure.

Later Days,



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