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{February 21, 2012}   02.21.2012 – Veggie Cuisine, Part Two

I was excited to see that Publix had all four varieties of the Vegetarian Lean Cuisine options last week, and I quickly grabbed them up, knowing I would want to do a review on the products.  Today, for lunch, I tried out the Indian-Style Masala, and it was pretty awesome.  I am not a huge fan of cauliflower, but it worked well in this dish.  Here’s the work-up on the product (more information can be found on Lean Cuisine’s website:

For 290 calories, this meal is filling, but I chose to pair it with half of an apple, just to add a few more calories for intake since I completed my 4.5 run this morning (sticking to the plan for two days in a row!).

This time around, I tried putting the meal into a bowl separate from the serving container that it comes packaged in.  I do not know if this made it seem like more food, but it felt like a better meal surrounded by a ceramic bowl compared to a plastic tray.  Additionally, the apples paired surprisingly well with the flavors in the dish (I had Granny Smith).

I would completely recommend this Lean Cuisine Entree to others.  The flavors are fantastic, and it’s low in calories.  It is perfect idea for a quick lunch during a work break, or even if you are at home thinking about how you should get a job, but hoping that this whole fitness blog thing works out magically.

Tomorrow I will be weighing in on my opinions surrounding the amount of time you take to eat in relation to how satisfied you are at the end of the meal.  This week I have been trying to spend twenty minutes on full meals and at least ten minutes on snacks.  I have been doing relatively well, so far.  But, we shall save that for tomorrow.

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