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{February 20, 2012}   02.20.2012 – Catching Up

I know I usually do my recap and planning for the future week on Sunday, but I failed to get around to it yesterday.  I am sure all of your days went on fabulously without the information.  If you failed to exist because of my lack of information, I apologize deeply.

On with it!

Last week I felt quite lazy because I barely made it through any of the workouts that I had planed.  Here is what actually happened:

Monday: Power Yoga

Tuesday: 2 Mile Run/Walk

Wednesday: 2 Mile Walk with weights

Thursday: Yoga Abs

Friday: State Fair…lot’s of walking

Saturday: Nothing

Sunday: 2 Mile Run

At least I did something most days.  And I did stick to my plan of at least doing the Fab Ab workouts throughout the week.  I am having a hard time doing them right when I wake up because they are requiring more energy.  I may add them into my normal workouts as a warm-up to the more intense activities.  Here is the plan for this week.  I can say that I have completed the workout for Monday already, I am impressed with myself.

Monday: Strength DVD

Tuesday: 4.5 Mile Run/Walk

Wednesday: Kettlebell DVD

Thursday: 2 Mile Run, Yoga Abs DVD

Friday: Yoga Warrior DVD

Saturday: Power Yoga DVD

Sunday: 2 Mile Run with Weights

I think that this week seems plausible, as long as I motivate myself to stick to the plan.  I am working with some more freelance transcription this week, so I am going to be looking for excuses to get up and away from the computer.  Personal goals for next week include completing my registration for the Bolt Run, calling to make a driver’s license appointment (I found out you cannot make them online), and learning to eat more slowly.  I will write more about the final goal on Wednesday.  Tomorrow I will have a review up of a new food item that I am trying out.

Have a great week!

Later Days,



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