Run Jenni, Run

{February 16, 2012}   02.16.2012 – I Did Not Come Through

I know I did not come through with the product review and fitness update.  I will have them up this weekend.  I have had the worst headache ever the past two days.  I blame the amount of chocolate eaten on Tuesday compared to going straight back to healthy eating the following day.  It could also be my glasses, which I am getting adjusted this afternoon.  And I am going to buy an unholy amount of healthy food.  I’m going to treat that bag of carrots like it is a bag of potato chips.

I also have a somewhat more stable position doing transcription, I get a new tape to transcribe every couple of days.  It is nowhere near an amount of money I can actually live off of, but it’s enough to get me out of the house more than once a week.  The search for a real job continues.  I need to make a better plan this weekend, and make a date to take my freaking driver’s test.  I am going to look at available dates right now.  Promise.

Later days,



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