Run Jenni, Run

{February 12, 2012}   02.12.2012 – New Week, New Plans

Seriously, my titles are boring.  It could be worse, but I do not want to think about that possibility.

The past week I have followed my workout plan more than usual.  Here’s the breakdown:

Monday: Four mile bike ride

Tuesday: 2.5 Miles in 30 minutes

Wednesday: Strength DVD

Thursday: Five miles in one hour, Yoga Abs DVD

Friday: 20 minutes of Kettlebell DVD, Five mile walk

Saturday: Nothing, unless you count walking around the flea market for a couple hours.

Sunday: 2.5 Mile walk

I am also proud to report that I stuck to the Fab Ab workout every day this week!  It is getting more challenging to hold the plank, but I am building on to the move each day.  I am hoping to reach the ultimate goal of two minutes by the end of the month without any problem.  This upcoming week, I am focusing on creating easier plans to follow.  If I want, I can build on to them by adding an extra run or a bike ride.  If it isn’t too cold tomorrow, I might be up for an afternoon bike ride.  I need to get used to my bike again, I actually have problems when going up even smaller hills.

My caloric intake this week was a little higher than anticipated, but I still ate relatively smart throughout the week.  My only real “cheat” day was Saturday.  This week, I am hoping to have at least four days out of the week in which I stay under 1600 calories.  Staying vegetarian throughout the week is especially easy since Morningstar and Gardein products were BoGo at Publix this week.  I stocked up, to say the least.  I am coming up with new ways to enjoy these products, so look for new recipes in the upcoming weeks.

Here’s the workout plan for this week:

Monday: Power Yoga

Tuesday: Five Mile bike ride, 20 minute strength DVD

Wednesday: 2.5 Mile Run, Yoga Abs DVD

Thursday: Strength DVD

Friday: Five Mile Run

Saturday: Kettlebell DVD (get through more than 20 minutes this time)

Sunday: 2.5 Mile Walk

Look for a new recipe or product review on Tuesday.  Then, on Wednesday, I will give an update on how my fitness goals are coming along this month.  I already wrote out a plan for the push-up and squat challenge that I am planning on completing throughout the month of  March.

Later Days,



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