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{February 9, 2012}   02.09.2012 – French Waffles and Abs

When I get bored I tend to make up weird food creations.  This morning I created the French Waffle.  If you have a brain, you might be thinking she couldn’t possibly have made french toast with waffles, could she? Yes. Yes I did.

This delicious morning feast can be yours for the low calorie-count of 310 calories!  But wait, there’s more!  It’s pretty freaking delicious.  And it seems like it’s actually going to be filling.  Want the steps it takes to get to this amazing creation?  You got it.

First: Toast your waffle.

Second: Soak Waffle in mixture of 1 egg, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Third: Cook as you would french toast.  when you create the last waffle, you can pour the remaining egg mixture on top of the waffle, and the egg will get in the little waffle-nooks.  It creates deliciousness.

Fourth: Enjoy with topping of your choice.  I chose Buddy Fruit Bananas & Skim Milk.  It’s delicious, and it’s only 70 calories per serving.  And, it’s a filling 70 calories.

This is a delicious meal, and I am hoping it is up to the challenge of fueling my 5 miles today.  My exercise schedule got a little jumbles earlier this week, and I have been doing my strength workouts on the days I had running planned and vice versa.  Yesterday I completed my kick-ass Bob Harper Strength Training DVD without yelling at the television too much.  I love this workout because I actually feel like I’ve accomplished something when I’m done.  I am trying to run more when I do my miles, and today is no exception.  I am hoping to run the majority of the mileage.  I’m not sure if I want to do a full-on run/walk combo where I run four minutes then walk one, or if I just want to run until I can’t go anymore.  I usually choose the latter because if I’m running alone it’s hard enough to get myself to run, so adding walking in too often would just make me want to walk more.  Now I’m rambling…moving on.

I am sticking to the Fab Abs in February calendar, and it is finally getting to the point where it is a bit more challenging for me.  I can hold plank for about 30 seconds, then I start feeling it, and I want to drop out.  If I keep up this workout, I should be able to hold plank for a full two minutes by the end of the month.  That’s a pretty big leap.

I’m already making plans for my March and April challenges, just working out finer details.  Look forward to posts on this, as well as my long-term goals for fitness this year in upcoming posts.  I need to prove to myself that I can make progress before I go sharing it with the world ten people who read my blog.

Later days,



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