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{January 31, 2012}   01.31.2012 – Veggie Cuisine: Enchilada Rojo With Mexican Style Rice

As mentioned earlier this week, I obtained a fancy new Lean Cuisine that was made with meat substitute from the lovely creators of the Gardein line of vegetarian products.  I am a BIG fan of Gardein, so I had to make this purchase while perusing the aisles of my local Publix.  And today, it was my lunch.  I literally just got done eating it, and I took photos (of the product, not of me eating it…that would be gross).

Here’s a link with all the lovely nutrition facts and other reviews of the product:

And here goes my review.  Are you excited?  Me too.

Unlike most Lean Cuisines, I followed the cooking directions exactly as they are shown on the back of the box which I never always do.

Isn’t it beautiful?  Yum!

Seriously though, it was a better flavor than I expected.  I would have appreciated more of the flavoring on the chicken, which I got near the end, once I found the hidden collection of sauce in the corner of the container (perhaps I should have plated the food before actually eating).

Even though the finished product looks kind of sad, I think plating it would have given it a little more beauty.  If you chose to be lazy and keep it in the original container, just mix it up a bit before digging in.  I would suggest this meal to others for lunch or dinner.  It seems quite filling, so far.

There are three more products on the Lean Cuisine website that are shown to use Gardein products, and I will definitely be looking for those in my local grocery stores.

Stay tuned.  Tonight I’m making stir-fry using veggies from my father’s garden.  I’ll give you an update on that either tonight or tomorrow!


Later Days,



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