Run Jenni, Run

{January 22, 2012}   01.22.2012 – Progress is Progressing.

I can already tell that these clever titles are going to get annoying really fast.  Sometimes I am just not clever…so bare with me.

I am currently listening to some kicking Kristin Chenoweth tunes and looking back on my week.  It was a pretty legit week.  I worked out the whole most of the week.  I at least tried to get a walk in, even on the days I was feeling particularly lazy.  I have a workout plan for next week, and I’m hoping to stick to it in a more steadfast manner.  If you see me in real life, make me do these things.

Monday – Yoga, 2.5 Mile Run

Tuesday – Kettlebell Workout, 5 Mile Walk

Wednesday – Yoga/Strength, 5 Mile Run

Thursday – Strength Workout, 2.5 Mile Walk

Friday – Yoga, 8 Mile Run (Let’s get real; it’ll be awesome if I can run the majority of this, but my leg will surely go out before the end.)

Saturday – Yoga Abs, 5 Mile Run

Sunday – Power Yoga, 2.5 Mile Walk

I am also going to try to do a small amount of cardio before I eat breakfast each morning.  I do not currently enjoy working out or doing anything remotely close to moving before I get a breakfast shake in my system.  I want to shake up the system a bit this week.

I am aiming to keep my daily caloric intake under 1800, which seems like a pretty healthy amount considering the amount of energy I’m expending throughout my days.

I’m going to bug the gym across the street tomorrow about a job.  Wish me luck!

Later Days,



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