Run Jenni, Run

{January 18, 2012}   01.18.2012 – A New Beginning.

I have been away.  I have been away with holidays and with relationships and with just about everything else that would keep me away from my blog.  But, I am back.  I am back with new goals and a new outlook on life (okay, more of a redefined outlook on life, but just go with it).

I have book of goals.  I started it New Year’s Eve.  It’s my book of Resolutions and meal plans and plans for my life after graduation.  Yes, I graduated.  So, now I have no excuse for not keeping this blog updated.  I can no longer blame my lack of posts on my lack of time and excess amount of homework.

So, I shall start this post with a quick update on my life.  Here we go…

I moved back home.  Home is in Lakeland.  There is nothing to do in Lakeland.  I am currently looking for a job at any place that will hire me (that is within walking distance).  I am hoping to get a job at Publix or Access Fitness, or both.  I need to start saving money in order to pay off my loans…I have no idea how to handle that idea.  I hate the thought of being in debt, even if it is because I went to school.  At this point, I’m not even using my degree.  So, I am paying thousands of dollars off for a degree that I may not even use.  It’s stupid and pointless and I could go on and on about how tuition shouldn’t be so damn expensive (especially if most places require some form of degree before they even look at your application).

I am also currently failing trying to sublease my apartment.  Why I extended my lease is beyond comprehension.  Oh yeah, it was because a boy told me to do it.  I’m a dumbass.

I have l;earned time and time again, and I was reminded these past few months, that the only way to move on and feel better about life is to literally move on with my life.  I was in a big sadness a few months ago, and I’m just now coming out of it.  All I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch horror movies and listen to Brand New and Taking Back Sunday.  It was past the point of what they do in the sappy Romance movies.  I was in a dark place.  then, one day, I started getting up at my normal time and making myself run again.  I started getting into a schedule and doing things because I wanted to do them.  One day when I was out running, I realized that I didn’t feel so bad anymore.  I actually felt good.  And I got kind of mad at myself for taking so long to come back.  I hate when I let other people control my life, and that is exactly what I was doing.  Every day is different, but I’m finally to a place where I am pretty damn happy most of the time.

Now, on to goals for this year.

A lot of my goals are very basic.  Like finding a job and creating a workout plan.  I’m mostly just trying to get more organized and scheduled.  At the beginning of each week, I make a plan that includes workouts for the week, plans for what I need to do each day, and the dinners I have planned for each week.  I am so excited to be back home because that means I can work on my cooking.  I need to make goals/plans for how often I plan to update this old thing.  But I’ll get to that later.  At least once a week.


Later Days,



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