Run Jenni, Run

{September 12, 2011}   September 12, 2011

Oh, hey… it’s my birthday tomorrow.  In honor of my birthday (and because I’m sick I slept all afternoon yesterday instead of working on homework), I am not going to class today.  Over the weekend, I went to Rock the Universe with my church group.  It was two days straight of theme pars and concerts.  This past weekend was awesome, but now I am dead, and rest is the only thing that will make me feel better.  This also means I took a break from my morning work out.  If my legs/body are feeling up to it, I might try an evening run (I need to  start practicing running at night anyways).

I cannot believe that my half-marathon is in less than a month.  I am excited, and scared.  I know I will finish, I just don’t want a completely embarrassing time for my first “long” race.  Anyways, after resting today, I will be back on track for the end of the month.  At least I am eating healthy if you don’t count the massive amounts of food devoured this weekend.

Today will be spent doing transcription and homework (i.e. lots of reading).  Should be fun.

Later Days,



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