Run Jenni, Run

{September 7, 2011}   September 7, 2011

So… I was busy Sunday, and I failed to make a post.  However, I was reminded that today it was time for an update.  So, here is your update.

By this afternoon, I will be officially registered to take a CPR class on September 24th in Lakeland.  I am excited to start looking to Personal Training opportunities after my half-marathon.  I am not going to be working on First Responder training as early as I thought.  I may wait until after graduation to do so, hopefully I will have the money to pay for the class by then.

Speaking of college, I am officially less motivated in all of my classes, including Nutrition.  I feel like I have already learned everything that I am currently learning in the course.  At least it should be an easy A.

September Goals:

1. Plan out weekly workout schedules.

2. More consistent Yoga; also, try out Zumba and Piloxing at the Rec Center

3. CPR Certification

A short list, but that should mean that I have no trouble accomplishing all of it.  I can’t think of much more of an update.

Later Days,



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