Run Jenni, Run

{August 31, 2011}   August 31, 2011

I fell off the face of the planet again.  Sorry.  I think I will make Wednesdays and Sundays my update days, for now.   That way, I can get at least two posts in a week (I’ve said this before).

A lot is going on in my life right now.  I have started my final semester at USF, and it is definitely going to be a busy one.  I am taking six classes, and I am going to start trying to find a job after I get my CPR certification (mid-September).  Furthermore, I am looking at other certifications, including First Responder Training.  My goal is to be able to do anything, then finding a job won’t be too difficult (hopefully).  There are even online opportunities to work on becoming a Nutritionist.  I am never going to be done with learning, I’m afraid.

Also, my half-marathon is officially a month away.  Oh.My.God.  I fell off of the training wagon for a few weeks, but I am back on and as motivated as ever.  Along with working out and running and biking and all of my lovely exercise DVDs, I am focusing heavily on what I am eating.  The first two days of writing down the majority of the nutrition facts of what I am eating were annoying.  However, I am pretty much used to it at this point.  It definitely makes me want to eat out less.  It is just so much healthier to make things yourself (obviously).  I am trying to keep a grip on how many carbs I consume in a day (it’s a lot).   I always get hungry during class, and things like pretzels and Clif Bars are always the easiest things to pack.  I don’t have class today, so that makes paying attention to what I eat a lot easier than when I’m rushing from class to class (Thursdays are my worst days, I’m at school all day).

I am hoping to keep the same motivation after my half-marathon is over.  I considered signing up for another, but I just don’t have the funds to do so right now.  I would like to find one to do after I graduate.  However, if I take a break from running for a couple of months, then I can focus on the Insanity workout that is just lying on my desk right now.  I am actually planning on moving my room around a bit today to make it more “exercise-friendly”.

I am working on my September goals; I will post about them this Sunday.  I am off to go buy some groceries!

Later Days,



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