Run Jenni, Run

{August 2, 2011}   August 2, 2011

Wow, I have failed at updating this blog.  So, what’s been going on in my life?

My half-marathon is in two months (omg!).  Furthermore, I found a second half-marathon to run, the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Pete (November 20).  It’s a little over a month after my race at Disney.  I am super excited for it, and i realize that I am becoming obsessed with races again (I’m already considering the Gasparilla 15k in March).

I have been doing two-a-days for the past couple of weeks because it’s the summer, and I have nothing better to do.  I am trying to focus on my training, but I am adding in some yoga and Pilates.  I have also recently added some new workouts, including kettlebells and kickboxing.  I suck at kickboxing, I definitely need to work on my coordination.

I am working on getting my license and finding a legit job this semester.  Then, I am going to graduate.  Basically, Fall Semester is going to be full of adventure and activity.  Speaking of jobs, I took my physical trainer certification exam a few weeks ago.  I am still waiting on the results, but I feel really confident about the results.  I also need to get CPR Certified before it is completely official.

I promise to keep this thing updated a little more…hopefully.

Later Days,



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