Run Jenni, Run

{May 31, 2011}   May 31, 2011

A new month is starting tomorrow, with all new goals.  some of these are based on fitness, and others are based on me simply bettering myself.  This week has been going well with starting training, I just need to get used to going to bed earlier and waking up on time.  The Memorial Day weekend made it easier to sleep in because I did not have to worry about class a few extra days.  however, I start class again tomorrow, so that starts back getting up at a decent hour.  I think that the hardest part of me getting ready for this half-marathon is going to be balancing my time with friends with my need for rest.  I like going to the gym when it is pretty empty, so that puts me in the gym in the early morning.  This means I have to get to sleep at a decent hour each night.  That usually fails because, as college kids, we stay out until ungodly hours each night.  I really need to stop that.  Anyways, here is my list of goals for June.  More updates will come later this week.

1. Find something I love about myself every day of June (I even have a calendar to write these things on).

2. Write a letter to someone every day for the month (I have a list, get excited).

3. Stay focused on my training schedule, get accustomed to the first Yoga DVD in my collection.

4. Register for a 10k (they have actually been kind of hard to find, maybe I’m just getting lazy).

I would really love to find a race outside of Florida and make it more of a vacation.  But, that probably won’t come until the future.

Later Days,



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