Run Jenni, Run

{May 9, 2011}   May 9, 2011

This week marks the week that I get serious again.  Getting sick last week caused me to lie around…seriously…I slept all day.  Now, I am taking my workouts seriously again.  I’m waking up early again and getting to the gym.  I feel like I’ve lost all ability that I have gained in the past few months.  I know with a week or so of dedication that feeling will go away…I just want it to go away now.

This summer, I am hoping to blog more.  I am also hoping that my blog will become more organized.  I want it to be a commitment rather than something I come to when I want to avoid real work.  Therefore, I will start by trying to update at least once a week (more if I feel so inclined).  Then, I will build up from there.  I also need to do things that are worth blogging about.  I would really like to find a 10k to run this summer.  I am also looking at a few 5k series that look fun (they are all at beaches).  Along with races, I hope to include more photos (I know I’m really bad about that).  I am still trying to decide how much of my personal life (you know, the part aside from running) that I would like to include on my blog.  I guess I’ll figure that out as I go along.

Let’s make some summer fitness goals, shall we?

1. Finish Insanity.

2. Find another race (seriously…I’m craving one).

3. Go for a run on the beach (not so much a goal as something I just really wanna do).

4. Lose 15 pounds before July.

5. Start drinking more water.

Okay, we shall see how these go.  I’ll give you an update as soon as progress occurs.  I should be starting Insanity again next week, so…look forward to that.

Later Days,



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