Run Jenni, Run

{May 5, 2011}   May 5, 2011

Being sick sucks.

The worst part is my lack of exercise this week.  Going back to the gym this morning was almost painful.  I had no motivation, and I ended up stopping after doing little much of anything.  But one thing I am trying to learn this summer is that even the smallest of workouts is still a workout.  It is more than doing nothing.  Therefore, I am proud of my 20 minutes in the gym today (kind of).

I am hoping that by the time classes start I will have found my motivation again.  It’s hard enough getting to sleep at a normal time since everyone wants to stay out later…I’m the boring friend that loves nothing more than being in bed by 11 (10, if I’m really lucky that night).

In other news, I need a new pair of goal shorts…because my current ones fit.  I was literally dancing around my room this morning when I tried them on.

I need to make some goals for the summer…I will make a post about that tomorrow.  I’d like to be more committed to this blog…because then, maybe, more people will want to look at it.

I’m off to Busch Gardens.  Be Jealous.

Later Days,



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