Run Jenni, Run

{April 12, 2011}   April 12, 2011

Last night was awesome.  Last night was bad.  Last night I decided to do All You Can Eat wings…and I ate all that I could eat (35).  If you have gotten used to eating healthy meals, I don’t suggest you do something like this because you will immediately regret it (except when people tell you that you’re awesome, that’s pretty cool).  But when a knee injury is preventing you from working off the massive amount of food you ate, then you feel a little nasty.  So, today, I am eating super healthy.  For the rest of this week, I’m eating SUPER healthy.  I will keep you updated on this, because I like when I do super healthy things.

Breakfast: Green Smoothie (I love these things).  This particular smoothie has two bananas, Nutella, Unsweetened Almond Milk, and Spinach (yum!).  I downed this with a large glass of water before heading to class.  I have packed a number of healthy snacks to get me through the day…and I will be drinking lots of water.  I am already looking forward to lunch.  Get excited…it’s gonna be great.

Later Days (or evenings…I’ll probably update again tonight),



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