Run Jenni, Run

{March 18, 2011}   March 18, 2011

I made it through the first week of Insanity.

And I have realized one major thing.  I miss running.  It took me four days before I was aching to get out of my apartment and go run a few miles (like five).  I realized right away in my running that my cardio was better.  Insanity gives you quick results, at least internally.  I can feel changes in how my body feels, and I love it.  My need for running has caused me to spread out Insanity a little more than 60 days.  I want to run for at least once or twice a week while doing the program, but I’d like to avoid doing two major work outs in a day (I don’t have the time).  So, for the first cycle of Insanity, I’ll be running on Mondays and Saturdays (still resting on Sundays).  Once I start the second, more difficult, cycle, I’ll try to push through without running (unless I absolutely want to on Sundays).

I should finish about the time I am leaving for San Diego (hopefully!).  I want to be done before i start my summer.  One thing I need to look forward to is my summer, and how I will stay active then…especially if I am thrown into a new schedule.  It was difficult last summer, and I definitely fell behind.  I cannot lose what I’ve worked so hard for (again) this summer.

I will give you another update next week, when I should be getting ready to do my second fit test.  Lots of love!


Later Days,



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