Run Jenni, Run

{March 2, 2011}   March 2, 2010

I ran my second 5k this weekend.

This was my first race with MASSIVE amounts of people; we are talking THOUSANDS.  It was ridiculous, and I loved it.  The beginning of the race was crowded and a little stressful for that reason, but it mellowed out once everyone got to their own pace.  I think I’m officially addicted to these things, I entered to win registration for like five races at the expo after the race.  It was hotter this time, because the race started at 9:30, rather than 7:00, like the past 5k.  But, I cut my time by 20 seconds!

Official Time: 38:04

Today, I have to rest, because my leg is killing me.  It feels like someone is trying to rip out my calf muscle (fun).  So, I have the lovely combination of IcyHot and Advil…and rest.  I actively have to remind myself to rest because I want to stay in my routine of waking up, going to the gym, and starting the day in complete beast mode.  But the more I rest now, the faster my leg will get better, and the quicker I can start running again.

Also!  I registered for my half-marathon yesterday!  Now, it’s for real.  I’m more excited than ever.

Later Days,



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