Run Jenni, Run

{December 17, 2010}   December 17, 2010

I found a goal.  Hopefully, this goal with give me motivation.


It’s in October, so I feel like I have a good amount of time to work on running and getting into shape for something like a Half Marathon.  I do realize I may get to October and feel like I’m not ready; but, I am trying to stay positive.  While I’m in school it’s easy to stay on a good workout/running schedule.  My biggest problem (and my downfall the last time I tried to get into the habit of running) is the summer months.  Without a structured schedule to follow, I start to get lazy and unmotivated.  I think that right now I need to focus on falling in love with running, so that I want to do it every day, rather than feeling like I need to do it every day.  I feel like when I first started blogging about running, I focused too much on what I was doing wrong.  I am pretty sure every entry said something about how I wasn’t eating correctly, or I was lazy.  This time around, I ‘m going to focus on the positive.  I’ve been to the gym two days in a row (this is actually a huge accomplishment for me, especially because it is winter break).  I’m starting out really slow (15:00/Mile)…but I am looking forward to getting stronger and faster in the upcoming months.  


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