Run Jenni, Run

{May 11, 2010}   May 11, 2010

I feel like I should write a little somethin’-somethin’ every day.

I’m probably not going to run again today.  I’m completely embracing this whole summer thing…when I should really be embracing all the free time I have to spend at the gym.  Ah, the gym.  I live in a pretty sketch neighborhood (at least, it seems sketch in the early hours of the morning and late hours of the night).  Because of this, all of my running is done at the gym, on a treadmill.  And you have to get there early if you want the good treadmill.

Maybe I’ll end up running later, maybe not.  Either way…at least I’ve been pretty healthy in my eating habits for the past 24 hours.   I’m trying not to over-indulge.  This can prove to be very hard when you are in a domestic mood, or you are having a hockey-watching party (both of which are occurring a lot this week). There’s always healthy versions of snacks…but those are no fun.

All for now.



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